Danielle Côté

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For Danielle, the finances of a company does not have a secret! She has also started very young to show interest, the carrying mother was president of a company that provided all administrative services for SMEs. Danielle was working in his office during the hours when she had no lessons, and joined the team after her studies in administration.

She then left the family company to head the government environment, where she worked at the Ministry of Justice as an assistant counsel to the Court, then to the Privy Council of Canada.

His contract coming forward, she took the opportunity to go into business in the automotive field, sold the company after six years of hard work, and bought a sailboat to sail for the South Seas. After this wonderful downtime, she worked as director and production coordinator for several years to producers of television programs.

Pragmatic, bold and careful, Danielle now works in the Simoncic Group as Director of Finance, where she takes care of the accounting department and project financing and events.

She admits to being practice-pratico office is the one who makes sure to anchor the company’s assets and above all, that the money is available to carry out all these brilliant ideas!

Special achievements

  • Writing for several years in a regional weekly, a biweekly column on various business management topics under Money Tips. She was invited to participate in radio programs on topics dealing with administrative management.
  • Foundation and resale of two profitable companies.
  • Participation in the production of programs that are now presented on the TV channels from CBC, ARTV, TV 5, and TFO.